About Us

Who We Are?

Rock Melon deals in flooring, ceiling, & infra concepts by bringing to the customers a huge variety and arena of products that will cater to all your needs. We are authorized to deal in all these world-class brands that pose supreme quality and the trust of providing authentic and reliable services and products to the customers. The brands we deal with originate from various countries of the world that offer high-quality products and their experience in the industry brings in the added advantage of trust as well.

We deals in all kinds of flooring, ceiling & infra concepts including commercial carpets, raised access flooring, sports flooring, acoustics, false ceiling artificial turf and grass, wooden flooring, acrylic solid surfaces, vinyl flooring, deck flooring, and a lot more. we understand that every customer is different and so are their needs and desires. To cater the same, we also offer customized solutions to make sure that every customer who associates with us is completely and truly satisfied in all sense so that the association we make with the customer lasts for a lifetime.

Story of Rock Melon

Established in the year 2014, Rock Melon is a team of people who have come along to offer world-class solutions in flooring concepts to customers all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With a huge base of clients that we have already served and looking forward to serve more and more clients as we move forward. We deal with several clients that have been in the flooring business for years. Our major motive to start this business was to bring flooring solutions in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that pose world-class designs and concepts.

Vision and Mission of Rock Melon

Rock Melon has a vision of catering its customers with perfectly integrated flooring concepts and solutions or as we call them, floorceptions. In the running of our company, the two most important push are Innovation and Quality and this is why we have created a solution for flooring that not only brings customers close to high-quality flooring products but also introduces them to a whole world of creativity where they can achieve creative flooring solutions with much ease and at a very affordable price.

Our mission is to become the leader in the industry we deal with by associating with the maximum number of customers in the span and staying in their service for the longest time. Along with that, we also look forward to lead and become an example in the industry for our high-quality standards, customer service, designs, patterns, colors, and creativity at all levels. With a talented and experienced team at the run, we are eager to achieve our goals in the coming future and serve our customers with the best that we can offer.